Writing Effective Marketing Content

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Jeff Herrington

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   Presented by: Jeff Herrington

There is an art form connected to persuading someone to buy your product or service…or buy INTO a new policy or process. Whether your audience is an external customer/client, or your own employees, the goal should be to craft one’s content so it is relevant to, and resonates with, THEM.

This workshop will guide readers through a simple, proven process for developing messages that will be more likely to capture your audience’s attention and persuade them to buy whatever product or service you are selling, or accept whatever policy or approach you are needing them to adopt.

Jeff Herrington has had a career every business communicator dreams of.

He has been an editor -- crafting award-winning newsletters and magazines for the National Association of Purchasing Management, the Southern Methodist University Alumni Association and Diamond Shamrock Corporation.

He has been an independent writer -- traveling to more than 40 countries to write feature articles and web content for such firms as Whirlpool, Baxter Healthcare, NEC, John Deere and AT&T Corporation.

He has been a workshop facilitator -- developing learning programs for the communicators at such organizations as IBM, JPMorganChase, Alberta Economic Development and Roche Europe.

And he has been a consultant -- advising the communication teams at Whirlpool, Wausau Insurance, Bell Canada and Lubrizol Corporation.

In 2000, IABC Dallas named Jeff Herrington its Communicator of the Year.

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After this course, you will be able to:

  • Zero in on the specific objectives for your marketing piece
  • Learn how to go beyond features to benefits
  • Determine the emotions people attach to benefits and write scenarios that trigger those specific emotions
  • Move the reader to whatever action step you want them to take

Understand the nuances connects to EFFECTIVE headlines, subheads, body copy and conclusions


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate IABC Academy

Learning Credits

It’s About the Customer, Not Your Product
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Effective Headlines and Taglines
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Effective Body Copy/Testimonials/Conclusions
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Marketing Piece Finesse Points
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Course Evaluation Survey
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